Spike-a Bahtinov Mask – 16 inch

Bargain Spike-a Bahtinov Mask – 16 inch

  • Perfect focusing for your CCD, DSLR or Webcam in seconds
  • Visual feedback allows almost instant focusing
  • Works with all imagers
  • High quality lightweight aluminum, anodized black

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Set up your telescope and imaging equipment as normal. Then simply locate a bright star (maybe Spica?) with your telescope, attach the Spike-a Bahtinov mask to your telescope and watch the diffraction spike pattern around the star as you adjust the focus. When the middle diffraction spike is centered in the outer spikes, you’re in focus. Very little focusing travel is required to move the inner diffraction spike, which means the focus is extremely accurate. The Spike-a Bahtinov mask is made from quality light weight aluminum and machined with precision tools, then anodized black to eliminate light reflection. The Spike-a attaches securely to your scope using nylon screws to ensure the finish of your telescope is protected. The Spike-a mask will last you for a lifetime of imaging. To order the correct size, measure the outside diameter of your telescope where the mask will be attached, and order the next larger size. The Spike-a’s nylon thumbscrews are adjustable up to 1″. For example: If the outside diameter of your telescope is 11½ inches, order the 12 inch version of the mask. Spike-a masks are available in one inch increments from 4 inches to 16 inches.

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Spike-a Bahtinov Mask – 16 inch