Cool Flo – 800 Watt EZ Softbox Dual Light Kit

Discount Cool Flo – 800 Watt EZ Softbox Dual Light Kit

  • 24″ Softboxes – Easy pop-out softbox design, no rods to assemble
  • Two 5100k Daylight Bulbs Included
  • Includes two 6.5′ stands, diffuser panels, and carrying bag

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EZ softbox

2 – 24″ EZ Softbox
This is the easiest & fastest softbox to assemble on the market! Just push the central ring in place & you’re done.

2 – 6.5′ Light Stand
TubeTape light stands are constructed of aluminum for an excellent balance of light weight portability and solid heavy duty support; an extra wide foot print adds extra stability.

2 – 85 Watt Bulb (300 watt incadescent); Color Temperature: 5100 Kelvin
Fluorescent lamps are more efficient than incandescent light bulbs because a greater proportion of the power used is converted into useable light rather than heat, allowing the fluorescent lamp to run cooler.

2 – Diffuser Panels
Perfect for when you want to create beautiful soft shadows or minimize harsh shadows.

1 – Carry Bag

This all-purpose carry bag has padded inserts to protect your equipment & make packing simple.

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Cool Flo – 800 Watt EZ Softbox Dual Light Kit