Kelly Moore BHoboi Bag Walnut Fashionable Camera Bag

Get cheap Kelly Moore BHoboi Bag Walnut Fashionable Camera Bag

  • Designed to carry up to a 9 inch lens, camera body, flash, phone, batteries & other accessories
  • 2 Padded, removable, adjustable Velcro dividers creating 3 sections inside for gear

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Why You NEED This Bag!
As a photographer and a woman, I was always left wanting when it came to my options for a stylish, functional bag that I could use to carry my equipment while I shot.

Over Three years ago, I started sketching and dreaming about having a handbag/lens bag line of my own. I sat down and made a wish list of everything that I would want in a great bag, and now I am so excited to share all these features with you!

Fast and Easy Magnetic Snaps
Typically, bags have zipper closures at the top. I replaced the standard zipper closure method with magnetic snaps to leave you full access to every corner of the bag. Photographers need quick and easy entrance availability for their appropriate lens, cords, flashes, etc.

Pockets Everywhere!
It’s got tons of pockets (with magnetic snaps) – Whether you are a professional photographer, a hobbyist, a mom needing a fabulous diaper bag or woman who appreciates a great bag – This bag will not disappoint!

Removable Velcro Dividers | Space, Structure & Protection
The velcro dividers leave your bag open, but not gaping open; just enough to grab your lens without any resistance. The velcro dividers can also be removed to accommodate your personal needs as well as your equipment.

Padding | for structure, support & comfort
The Kelly Moore Bag is padded and sturdy enough to stand on its own. It conforms to your hip when worn across your body while you are working and if you choose, you can sit it on the ground without all the contents falling out.

Adjustable Sturdy Strap
The Strap is adjustable so that it can be worn cross body(messenger style) or it can be shortened to be worn under your arm. Also, the strap is sturdy and wide eliminating the ‘twist strap’ factor that causes your bag to start twisting in a knot while you photograph

Water Resistant & Durable
This bag is intended to withstand approximately 14 lbs of product/item weight.

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Kelly Moore BHoboi Bag Walnut Fashionable Camera Bag